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Main » 2012 » May » 16 » Hachland Kills A Gifted Man
3:09 PM
Hachland Kills A Gifted Man
It's that time again in the world of Networks as in it's time to release the new Fall Schedule. Well, Hachland has played a very strong hand in this years activities.

A little over a month ago Hachland aka I, posted a small article about one of this years new television shows called A Gifted Man. We did the basic concept of the show and well, we threw in some comedy, some bad satire and such.

So with that help we pushed the show, A Gifted Man, out of the spotlight. Yes, you read that right. We got A Gifted Man cancelled.

Since our article went out the show has yet to air a new episode and now it has been cancelled. So what do we feel is great about it?


It's probably time to ask you the readers what should be are new attack. Which show would you like to see cancelled?

Two and a Half Men? CSI!?

You name it and we can get it cancelled!
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