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Main » 2012 » May » 15 » Lathem Circle Mall
8:52 PM
Lathem Circle Mall
Have you ever been a person? Have you ever been a person that shopped before? Well, step back and recognize that some times things aren't what they seem to be. Well, like this article, it means nothing to you yet. But something about this article will stimulate the senses and bring back memories of the past.

As we remember a dead mall. Wait, what's a dead mall. It's a mall where nothing and by nothing I mean absoulty nothing is going on at. This one for instance is one that is located near me and it's called Lathem Circle Mall.

At one time it was one of the hippest places to be. It had a food court, it had a Caldors and hell at one time it even had a Old Country Buffet. Well, now... it has none of this.

After a recent trip to visit the old stomping ground of humans everywhere I realized it needed some help. And well, help is what I would greatly enjoy bringing with this article.

So maybe this could be a few of the messages their outdoor sign could showcase to possibly bring in more people and help the mall from becoming another dead mall. Or at least come back from the death...

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