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8:05 PM
Signs That John Travolta Is Gay
With the recent news of another masseur coming out and bringing to light of his mistreatment he received by famous actor John Travolta. It has begun... With what? The shocking realization that maybe.. just maybe John Travolta is well, not just odd, we all know that. But maybe, just maybe he's um.. How do you say GAY!?

Not that there's anything wrong with it of course. Just the fact that for nearly 40 years in the business he has denied every single minute of it. So let's take a look into the world of John Travolta and see well, if we've seen this coming out before......

Battlefield Earth / L. Ron Hubbard

His secret, well, maybe not so secret love for L. Ron Hubbard is well, insane. Its like someone coming out from the wood works and loving me. As you may not know Mr. Hubbard was once a Science Fiction writer, thus the crossing with Battlefield Earth which was originally a book written by Hubbard.

Hubbard went on to well, I don't know what the exact story is as I myself am not a big science fiction reader because well most of it is about freaks in space but supposedly the story is well, I don't know what the story is. But somehow Hubbard became the "Jesus" of crazy celebrities (ie. Tom Cruise).

Thus the signs of Travolta's odd behavior even more so. Well, due to his siding with this nute case.


When John Travolta decided it would be a good idea to play the mother of the main character in a movie about a plus size girl in High School... Well, he should have decided it would have been a good idea to admit "Hey, I'm Gay"

But nope. He didn't. It was quite sad and well, I'm completely unsure of why he would portray a persons mother and think "Hey, this is a good idea." It's not like it was a great role. It was a role that should have been portrayed by none other than Ricki Lake, but no. John Travolta had to hog the role.

Thus completely destroying the mindset of people everywhere from young boys and young gals to well, anyone who grew up thinking there wasn't anything wrong with him. But oh, well. It's a closet gay we're talking about.

Making This Gesture

I don't know if there is any more explanation to that. Then this picture.

Standing Proudly

This picture... at least to me says one thing "Hey.... I'm not that" And it is quite sad. That the one thing John Travolta can stand by is denial. It has to be the saddest thing in the entire world. And by entire world I mean everything...

But this picture explains everything John Travolta is and yet doesn't stand for. He is not who he says he is and that's the worse part of who John Travolta is.

Trimmed Beard / The Unsure Look

The look of acceptance is one no one likes. Unless well, you are a dog owner. I guess. I'm not sure not a dog owner or a fan of dogs. But then again how can one be a fan of dogs?

Yet the look showcased by John Travolta portrayed in the above picture shows us that there is numerous things he is worried about.

A) What he looks like.

B) What you think he looks like

Thus leading us to the conclusion that he cares more of what you think than anything else. Mainly honesty.

Crossing his arms

COME ON!!!! Can you not see it?

Earring In Ear

Maybe I'm just giving up on this entire article and the basis of which well, I suppose the basis of which hasn't been ruined because the basis of this entire post/article and what have you is simple :: John Travolta is a liar and well, he is probably gay.

But the point I'm trying to make is that there is nothing that can prove John Travolta isn't gay and well lying about his homosexuality. Thus being a total a--hole.

Carrie Fisher Calls Him Gay

When Carrie Fisher aka Princess Leia from the Star Wars land outed John Travolta on live (maybe not) television on the HLN. And this guy later came out, no pun intended, Andy Cohen that is and then defended the actions of John Travolta. And well, made us all suspect that John Travolta is a closet homosexual who hates the gays.

Thus leading to the conclusion that John Travolta referrers to homosexual people as "the gays" and hates them all. Oh plus he is homosexual and a liar.... Prove me wrong John Travolta... Prove me wrong...
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