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Main » 2012 » May » 22 » Hibachi Hell Yeah!
9:00 PM
Hibachi Hell Yeah!
Earlier today me and my special lady friend, who likes to remind me that she's my girlfriend, went out to eat. We live in an area where there's numerous restaurants from the fast food variety to the fancy ones to even the chain restaurants.

Well, there's been this one "spot" that has seen numerous name changes and restaurant changes from being vacant for months to becoming something else every so often. From being a Colorado Steak House to what it is today and that is a Hibachi slash Sushi slash just classic Japanese cuisine.

They call the place Hibachi X and with X in the title I had to check it out. Due to my extreme likes for the word extreme and it's various versions from Xtreme to the aforementioned X. Plus the entire Japanese style of Hibachi is well, pretty dang good in itself.

Now we were slightly hesitant at first for weeks we've been watching for signs of anything occurring. From various vehicles randomly parked in the parking lot to even a few dumpsters being viewed. And then well, came the radio advertisement we heard. So we decided it was time to try the new place because well, we were hungry for one and a little curious to see if this hibachi restaurant could stand up to the numerous other ones in the area.

While walking in we had the option of where to sit. From the standard restaurant area to the Sushi bar to even a bar, yet eventually we sat at the hibachi grill. At our time of visit it was around 5 pm so one would expect a slight dinner rush or some signs of other patrons yet we noticed only two other people in the restaurant, they sat at the bar. Thus leaving the entire hibachi area alone and empty just for the two of us. No problem at all with that, I don't really enjoy eating while other people stare at me. They tend to make comments about how much I drink.

Due to the timing of our visit we were given the option for buy one get one free appetizers, but we had previously found a coupon online thanks to a review we found on TimesUnion.com and it can be found at CouponClipper.com There are a few to choose from over there so go take a look. As for the appetizers we took on the Crab Rangoons which was cooked excellently with actually crab inside which some restaurants omit.

As for the main course it was fantastic we took on the combination Hibachi style which brought out the soup and salad. She had the chicken and shrimp and I took on the steak and shrimp, a good idea of course because it was very good. The show was fantastic our Hibachi chef really put on quite a show.

We both enjoyed our dinner and we actually decided to take in a desert in which we shared, something we don't usually do, not the sharing part but the taking a desert in. We chose the Fried Cheesecake which was again excellent. They served it with small scoops of ice cream as you can see by the picture below.

I'm not one to write reviews over where I eat or what I eat but this was a wonderful place to eat and I hope you take the time and take a stop over there. If you are ever in the Colonie, New York area that is. You can check them out at their website to view all of what they have to offer at HibachiXNY.com

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