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9:40 AM
iMpact Live Thoughts & Me's

The fans of wrestling are the biggest snobs in the history of snobs ever. They always scream what have you done for me lately. Even if they don't scream it, they do it by their lack. I for one am one of these fools. For that I apologize. Because recently I did the biggest fault of them all, but then again, the actions of mine were somewhat out of my control due to prior obligations in which pay my way in this world. What am I apologizing for? Not being part of the biggest movement in the history of wrestling since well, since the nWo movement.

Yes, I jumped to that.

You see iMpact or TNA or NWA-TNA or WCW2, whatever you call it, it's on an upswing like never before. With their move from pre-taped segments to live, something is changing, something is happening. And that's story lines that actually make sense, story lines that have a believable ending, story lines that don't just end with a black hummer or Vince McMahon behind a mask.

While yes, their is a hell of a lot of hate being pushed towards the 10 year old company. Doubts of it's possibility to do anything half way good and well, all the rest of that skepticism that goes around and comes from the little smarks, marks and well, as I previously said the biggest snobs in the history of snobs ever. Even if most of them couldn't name how the nWo came to power or even why Sting is the way Sting is. Or well, name the greatest WCW Crusierweight Champion ever. But that's things you don't need to know while reading this, you just need to read this.

Now I know I've attacked the fan, hell I should, because we all are at fault. We need to realize the movement the ideas and the greatness that is occurring. For those of us who want to return to the mid-90s, I think it's here.

You see iMpact came to us live at 8pm on Spike TV, the show started with a Pay-Per-View caliber main event. With a Lumberjack match with all the biggest stars of TNA surrounding the ring as they awaited the arrivals of two of the biggest stars. The TNA Champion and the ICON himself, STING.

With the likes of Kurt Angle, X Divison Champ Austin Aries and even Garret Bischoff around the ring the opening of iMpact wrestling began. Would the IT factor Bobby Roode become the longest renging World Champion in the iMpact history or would Sting, the legend of all legends become the Champ once again? Only you had to tune into view it all. Or watch the pictures...

What if Kurt Angle and Eric Young did tag up? What would their tag team name be.... Olympic Scumbags?

But then again... Let's look at this picture again.. I don't know if Bobby Roode is doing all that well suplex'n Sting, because I see him in front row...

Then again I also see the greatest Roadie ever..

Can you find him?

WELL..... Sting made the Champ tap out....

And then....


Maybe we will...

So the Stinger could defeat the one the only Bobby Roode in a non-title match. Yet, it seems like iMpact is putting all their money on a heel champion. It's a very nice thing to see. We don't see that thing over on the USA Network. I mean we have of course, but it's nothing like this type of heel. This is... Scratch that, Roode is the classic 80s style heel. He has done everything a classic heel would do. Yet the one thing he has done that's pure wrestling, he actually goes out their and fights and fights well. And yes, maybe Sting being a champion would get some more views from the viewership world. But building younger talent, building talent that hasn't been in the headlines since the 80s is also a great thing.

Speaking of great things.... I know everyone thinks this might be one of the worse story lines since the introduction of the Shocker, but I think it's starting to turn around. That of which Joesph Parks looking for his brother Chris, you know Abyss. I really like it... I mean especially once Bully Ray got involved in this whole thing. It's given it more credibility and well, this could lead to the biggest blood feud in years. I mean imagine the carnage ooooo... imagine it.. I could see it turn out awesome.

Especially once I was talking to Russo, M.D. When Joesph Parks realizes he has no brother and he is Abyss... Mind games... Oh how epic it could be...

This is so so good... almost as good as what TNA's doing with this whole Gut Check thing.. Okay, so this Joey Ryan kid, maybe not a kid, maybe.. Hell, in this business Sting is still considered a kid, which is quite sad... Especially seeing that there is so much great talent in the independents but then again this business is the independents and once those stupid idiots, yes, I'm gone and talking about those spoiled brats that I've called the biggest snobs in the world realize that, then that's when wrestling will become relevant again. But I digress to my part in this whole Gut Check thing... With Dic Flair getting all self involved in going to the other side or whatever the hell he is doing I see that Taz is going to be the third member of this Gut Check team. Which is nice... Three wrestling legends who well, never really made it beyond mid-card status. Brother Love, Al Snow and Taz. You know this would be a little bit better if they sat behind a table and got drunk and all. Like the original American Idol judges. Brother Love would play the role of Randy Jackson.. Yet instead of constantly saying "dog".. He'd say "love" or something along those lines... And with what happened here Live on iMpact I guess Al Snow would be Paula Abdul.. would be perfect if he brought out HEAD.... And then there leaves Taz.. I guess he's Simon... I wonder if Taz would wear one of those black tight shirts Simon always wore... or maybe even with that throw on the old ratty towel over his head like he used to have back in the ECW days... That would be pretty sweet...

Well, they did this whole in-ring thing with the kid... I guess 87% of people voted to get Joey Ryan signed.. I guess he trended world wide on Twitter... I guess....

Well, Al Snow was the only one who said "YES!" about letting Joey Ryan join iMpact. But then again I didn't know they had the choice... I thought Hogan and Dixie were in charge... Well, either way... It could be interesting with this one... The crowd is making Ryan a face, but a heel turn is.... wait... a entry heel is just what we want! Plus Ryan could fight his way in... like fighting with Taz... I'd love to see a Taz versus Ryan match... Maybe have Al Snow come in and help Ryan... and maybe create sWo.... That's Sleaze World Order... Oh... man... I think Marty Sleaze would have to join in on the fun... But maybe they will start a stable without Snow.. maybe all the rejects of Gut Check will band together... But then again.. Hogan will probably let the kid join as long as he puts over Garrett.................

Stay tuned for more!
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