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Main » 2012 » May » 18 » iMPACT 5/17/12 - Analze Porn 101
9:29 AM
iMPACT 5/17/12 - Analze Porn 101

For all of you hardcore fans of Hachland and wrestling let's do another combination of Analyze Porn and wrestling. HOW KINKY!!! Well obviously you've noticed this isn't a analyze version with guys, and it's got three Knockouts as TNA calls them.

We see a three way.... a three way wrestling match that is with Gail Kim, Velvet Sky and Brooke Tessmacher. Don't ask me the name of the referee in this picture because I don't think it matters....

Yet.... Speaking of the referee... his facial expression is expressing a lot!

But then again, what's he trying to grab for? Or maybe he really wants to grab something, but knows it would be completely wrong to do so. But then again that would be a very interesting angle... Having a referee grabbing the females of wrestling....

Someone's a little into this bout... A little too emotional maybe.... But then again.. it's good to be into it...... at least she's not faking it... or maybe she is?

WHOA!!! Something About Mary going on here. What's with the hair sticking all over the place? Maybe she had a backstage incident and thought it was hair gel. Heheheh... It's probably just static...

Gail Kim looks like she might be getting a little mouthful... of hair.. Gesh, you people have dirty minds. Well, at least we think she's screaming and in pain... Hmmm... But we can't tell because of well, I just can't!

Let's just take a second here and notice what's actually going on. We see two wrestling holds here. We haven't seen two wrestling holds in WWE in 4 and a half months!!! And with their Divas? It's probably been since Mae Young slapped on some sort of hold onto the Fabulous Moolah.

Man I feel sorry for Gail Kim.... All she wanted to do was to drop off a Doogan.

I know you were looking here.

I like how 2 out of 3 of these gals have elbow pads. Each of which matches their outfits. How cute.

Now.... they all have black boots... I guess black is the new well, color..... I don't know.. if you want a fashion blog go find one!

I just wanted to say.... it's back! And by back that Analyze Porn is back... again... maybe. But then again... I really don't understand why they have all these clothes on. This just seems odd for a Analyze Porn segment. Just odd just odd...

Oh.. by the way, before I forget... we have to use the rating system for this one too....

But then again... did you notice anything that I didn't bring up?

Please comment your concerns!
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