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Main » 2012 » June » 2 » iMpact Live - Dixie's Spotlight
11:58 AM
iMpact Live - Dixie's Spotlight

Well, we get a chick segment... While we actually didn't have the iMpact wrestling version of mid-90s WCW Crusierweight match a.k.a. the Knockouts, there was none of that... What we did have was the Owner slash President slash Chair Woman Of the Board Dixie "I really do" Car(e)ter.... She comes out and has some announcements to make...

Why? Because we need Hulk Hogan, Dixie Carter, the Gut Check Judges, Jeremy Borash and Mike Tenay all making announcements and showing leadership.....

Okay, maybe I'm going a little wild over that one. But then again... doesn't it seem that way?

Well, her first announcement was about how TnA is 10 years old and how at Slammiversary we will have a Hall Of Fame.... So we have to wait till we get someone introduced... I wonder who... Babe Ruth? Maybe it will be Jeff Jarrett... Or then again, maybe it will be someone else and bring out Double J with a guitar and slam! Interesting....

Oh Dixie wasn't done... she still had more to say and do.... Her next announcement was already made weeks ago... it was the introducing of Brooke Hogan as the new Knockout Leader or Commissioner... I guess picking Brooke Hogan at this position is quite fitting.. because they both have something in common.. nope... not because it's a female thing.. but because their both like a door knob.. everyone gets a turn... ouch... that's what she said!!

I would say I wonder if I already didn't know what they're trying to do here... Trying to create the same magic the McMahons had after the fall of the Championship Wrestlings... By me saying that I mean after 2001 when Stephanie and Shane came to the limelight...

And wait... FOR EVEN MORE!!!
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