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1:18 PM
iMpact Live - Testify!

As we turn the page to the final bit of all this... We start it all out by the voting of who will face D-Von or is that Devon? I don't know.. I just know that at least one person who used to be known as Dudley is getting a singles push of epic proportions while the other one has just been handed the Television Title... Wait.. Oh yeah... Bully Ray may have changed his name and separated himself but he's the only one who doesn't have a title.. Or hasn't even won one yet... Hmmm.... Interesting... Maybe we will see a feud to end the year on that one.. But that's not the story here... We're talking about who got voted online to face D-Von for the TV Title tonight... Was it Mr. Anderson? Was it RVD? Or was it Jeff Hardy!?

While it was a singles match for the Television Title... With D-Von defending against Jeff Hardy... The Robbie's came down with their sweaters and interrupted things... maybe we will see a four way dance at the PPV.... And then have a Sweater On A Pole at the next PPV... Will the Robbie's Separate?


Now... this whole Jersey Shore Robbie Meets Robbie thing is kind of not my cup of tea... Yes, that's a Welsh related Pun on Rob Terry... It's a stretch I know.. So yeah, this isn't ripping of some Internet Champion on some other company, because then again even a Internet Champion is a rip off of a Mike Live thing.. Yeah, I said it... So while this Robbie tag team slash duo is pretty interesting it's not my favorite flashy tag team of all time... Yeah, they're no West Hollywood Blondes!

Next up we have the feud that wouldn't die.... Spy Vs. Spy... Wait... I mean Christopher Daniels versus A.J. Styles! Now it was dying off... and well it's back again with Daniels accusing Styles and Dixie of having a secret relationship and well, there is pictures and videos and maybe something more at the end of all this.... but they wrestled... and it was of course epic and awesome... and it should lead to a 60 man iron man match.. I mean seriously just do it please...






And then all hell breaks loose as Frankie and Chrissy... did that work? Knock out AJ and Angle with the belts.. And try to tie up Angle... doesn't really work... and then starts playing a audio tape of AJ and Dixie talking and about surprising someone... I don't know who or why but this brings out Dixie to come out and drop the F bomb as the show goes off the air... Yes.. Dixie came out and popped out... Push the button.. Hit the button... well, I don't know what's going on... Maybe it was something interesting.. maybe it wasn't... but the epic feud has gotten a touch of the drama's....

We Still Got More!!!

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