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Main » 2012 » May » 21 » VETERANS FEEL IT
7:36 PM
Recently a local Veteran has been pan handling for change. Thanking everyone from Barrack Obama to Ron Paul for his lack of financial status. 

He's been haunting the likes of convenient stores, bus stops and even restaurants begging for some sort of help from change to a dollar and even sometimes a cigarette. 

While his story may be sad his actions are anything but calm and nice. He's been known to scream and yell at people for change and even insulting a young teenage driver as he walked past him and didn't provide any change. With telling the kid "only idiots lock their (car) doors!"

He has also been seen yelling at old ladies asking them for money while he slings insults.

Now the sad story is something we usually do not cover here at Hachland. We've decided it's time we start giving back and letting the Nation know of such a sad and dissolute person as this man....

Oh... well, maybe not. We just wanted to make fun of him! 

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