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MLB - 50 Games In

This is my first blog for Hachland, with the hope that readers will enjoy my writing style and my blunt opinions. While I will try to keep many to a factual basis, sometimes my bias towards my particular favorites will almost assuredly shine through.

With that said, the first 50 games of the baseball season are in the books. While I must say there are some surprises thus far, I am not shocked by a lot of what I am seeing. At the point I am writing this, the surprising Baltimore Orioles, the first place Orioles, are now riding 8 losses in the past 10 games. Detriot is not in first place in their division, 5.5 games behind the Chicago White Sox. A team with the talent of Fielder, Cabrera, and Verlander have yet to claim a spot they should be winning by 5.5 games. The Angels are struggling to score runs after handing Pujols a highly overpaid contract. The Boston Red Sox have more money on the DL than the Kansas City Royals spend in total payroll, and are blaming all their issues on Bobby V when the should be looking at all the bad contracts Theo Epstein handed out.

The National League is not really as messy as the American League. I boldly predicted that the Washington Nationals would win the division over my Atlanta Braves and the over-rated over-hyped Philadelphia Phillies, a team in complete turmoil. A pitching staff where Roy Halladay has more losses than wins and is now sitting on the DL, Cliff Lee is winless and Cole Hamels is auditioning for his new spot in Dodgers stadium next year.  Speaking of the Dodgers, this team has over achieved all year so far and they show no signs of stopping anytime soon, with the ability to now buy talent under new ownership to help lead them to a division championship.

Lets hand out some 50 game awards....

AL Cy Young: Justin Verlander.

AL MVP: Josh Hamilton

Coach of the Year: Buck Showalter

NL Cy Young Award: Brandon Beachy

NL MVP: David Wright

Coach of the Year: Terry Collins

I think some of these choices are self explanatory. Verlander still deserves the Cy Young award sporting one of the best ERAs in the AL. Josh Hamilton is having a monster year. First in home runs and RBI's and second in batting average. Showalter has done a great job managing the Orioles this year. My NL awards probably need a bit more support. Beachy has the only ERA in the majors under 2, and has been practically unhittable. And while the case can be made for Cole Hamels with 8 wins, I am still sticking with Beachy for this award. The MVP and coaching go to the Mets. David Wright is playing amazing this year and Terry Collins is managing a group of guys in which I am not sure I could name many of their starters, outside of David Wright.

What can we look forward to for the rest of the year? I think the rest of the baseball season will be just as good as the first 50 games. I believe that you will see some changes in the divisions. In the AL, I see the Rays, Tigers, and Rangers claiming their divisions with the Yankees and the White Sox claiming the wild cards. In the NL, the Nationals, Reds, and Dodgers will win their divisions with the Cardinals and Braves winning wild cards. Other note worthy events to follow.  Cliff Lee will find his way back to the AL and in a Yankees uniform as the Phillies will become sellers at the trade deadline, maybe even losing Victorino at some point as well.

I welcome all opinions to anything that I have wrote today. Feel free to comment if you would like, you can also follow me on twitter and comment there @Ken_progolf. Thanks and keep reading.

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1 Nick  
Such a Philly hater ken! Haha I knew what to expect though. Some good points raised!

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2 Ken  
Thanks Nick

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