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2:32 PM
The Passing Of A Hero

Life is something that makes us remember that it's short, but great. This reminder is hitting us once again as the news has just broken that Richard Dawson has passed on.

Dawson who at the age of 79 has left us all wondering and trying to comprehend where the time has gone.

Now I at 50 years his younger never had the overly joy of meeting Dawson, but I enjoyed his television star power. From the numerous game shows to the greatest British prisoner ever.

Dawson who you may remember as the host of Family Feud. The guy who would kiss anyone or the time. Or the brash guy from The Match Game. But many of us don't remember his greatest actor role ever.

That being a member of one of the pure comedy slap stick type shows ever. That being Hogan's Heroes. No, I'm not talking about the past 30 years of wrestling. I'm talking about a sitcom based on prisoners from a Stalag in World War II era Germany. A great fantastic show that has lost another member of it's all star cast.

We like to send out condolences to Richard Dawson's family.

And beg you all to watch Hogan's Heroes......

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