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11:21 AM
iMPACT Wrestling Impact Results May 3rd, 2012 -- Analyze Porn 101 Edition
A friend of mine has been begging me to bring back the classic Hachland feature called Analyze Porn 101...

Well.. here it is... well... the Impact Wrestling style of it...

So I picked one of the pictures I found and well, I have some questions... let's see them..

This picture is from this weeks episode of Impact Wrestling on SpikeTV..
It's the Kurt Angle, Christopher Daniels, and Frankie Kazarian versus A.J. Styles, Magnus and Samoa Joe match...
In this picture we can see Magnus, Kazarian, Styles and Earl Hebner.. that's the referee


Oh... well, maybe still...

But what was he looking at?

It's a bird, a plane... It's...

Oh.. Just Christopher Daniels... Looks like he is hungry.. must be after Samoa Joe stole his Ham sandwich..

And look it's Earl Hebner.. doing his best at the "I don't have to pee" dance.. Or maybe it's his best femine strut... I think I saw Miss Elizabeth do this at WrestleMania IX.. I'm glad he's holding onto the rope, wouldn't want him to fall into the ring.... or something...

Speaking of holding on.. Looks like Kazarian is holding onto A.J. a little too tight..

Or is A.J. holding onto Kazarian? Looks like he's a little too close to his package though.. Maybe A.J. wants Kazarian's Frankie... WAIT!! Is that the pictures that Daniels has of A.J.? One shall never know... Unless.. it's actually a picture from 1999 WCW... Or was it 2000?

Speaking of 1999.. I think that's Fred Durst in the crowd!! WOW!! We be ROLLIN' ROLLIN' WAHH!!

Speaking of idiots with dumb tattoos... look at A.J.'s dumb new tattoo.. Isn't it queer?

Speaking of speaking of... look at Kazarian's face... he's getting all puckered up and stuff...

For a boot to the... CHEST!? WTF! Is that the Hulk Hogan Big Boot!? I think the match is over after this one.. Or maybe Magnus just has mad ups....

See... I told you it was Magnus.. I didn't just read it on his trunks... Although I think that font is a pretty shade of PINK

Shade of... Brown!? Is that what A.J. seeing or smelling? Either way I wouldn't want to be stuck in that position especially with an ass in my face.. YUCK!!

Hmmm... looks like a friend of mine... I haven't seen him in a while.. could be... can someone confirm this for me?

Wow, look at this crowd its like got a lot of women in it.. Like mature women without children, unlike a WWE crowd... Yeah.. shush.. I know this is a free event.. just shove it up your Kazarian's a$$.. Oh, sorry A.J.'s in your way...

I'm glad they're shining the spotlight down on this match... I wonder if this is the spotlight used by Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff.. if they care about this match they'll shine it down, if not it shines to the roof... In search for a Sting ring in or drop down.... But then again.. what does Steroid Scotty have to say!?

Hmmm... until next time..
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