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7:22 AM
Apprehending Mad Men

Now in it's fifth season the AMC's show Mad Men has gained numerous fans and even more awards. Yet there is a growing amount of people who have dismissed the show and don't care to watch it. Those people are not only beyond uneducated but they're pretty stupid too.

The show Mad Men is as I shall admit difficult to understand and grasp at times. At times the shows stories are misunderstood due to well, the confusing back story. A back story that I shall make you well aware of right here and right now.

Like all television stories there is a main cast. This cast supports a leading man let's for the sake of explanation call him Don Draper. Not that that's his name or anything. So Draper is the main character he is the Dr. House of this show, a show that unlike House is based around advertising and it's set in the 1960s.

Compared to Dr. House, Draper's life is completely the same minus Draper has a few kids and well, doesn't walk with a stick. Other than that everything is seemingly the same. Draper and House both enjoy a cold beverage every now and then, yet, well, maybe that's where the similarities end. As Draper not only enjoys a cold beverage but he enjoys a class filled with a bottled beverage --- OH, before I forget instead of Vicodin he likes smoking cigarettes. A activity he does about 9,353 times an episode.

Now remember this show is set in the 1960s thus making cigarettes not a frowned upon activity like it is today. Neither is the drinking, a drinking that occurs during, after and even before working hours. These activities and others lead to questionable motives and actions but don't let me tell you. Let me show you!



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