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How To Become Rich & Famous Just Like Bubba

Throughout our lives we come across many people some of which become forgotten while others become something more than we ever expected. This is a story of how one of my friends, or at least one of my one-time friends became the most rich and famous person ever! This my friends is the story of Bubba and how he became rich and famous!

You see I grew up with Bubba, he wasn't nothing special he was your average American male. His family lived in a small town he had 1.3 siblings, a dog and of course parents. There was nothing that set him apart from all of the other kids in my class. He was what some would call a middle class person, maybe on the lower end of which.

He had all the toys that little kids would have wanted in 1972, sadly he was a little kid who was born 10 years after. His family didn't have all the riches in the world, they wouldn't ever come to afford a Power Wheels for him to own. But they loved him very much.

As Bubba would grow up, he would go on to graduate from High School, he spent some time in College. And then suddenly his life turned up side down. He went from poor old Bubba to damn boy your rich Bubba.

The story of this hasn't been written down before, the story hasn't been fully told yet I'm here to explain it all. It's something I feel I should do, because A. I'm a person and B. I think it's the best thing that could be said.

So how did Bubba became the richest person in the world? Well, it's a tough long and hard story. It started shortly after his 23rd birthday. You see this was the time when he went from zero to hero.

You see it all began one day when Bubba was reading a newspaper, as he went to turn to the page so he could read his favorite comic strip Dilbert. He felt a sudden pain in his finger. It was a paper cut. While turning the newspaper page his finger had received what is known as a paper cut, the sudden shock of it all sent Bubba into a panic.

A few weeks would pass and time went on causing the pain in his finger began to heal. The trouble looked like it would pass, yet, one day occurred and Bubba overly excited to read the newest edition of Dilbert. Then suddenly as his body rushed to turn the page it happened again. "NO!!" he would scream out. As he thought not again, not another paper cut.

Time would pass, the pain on his finger again would heal. This time Bubba thought. He thought of ways to prevent ever feeling the pain of a paper cut. He thought of wearing gloves. But was afraid he wouldn't be able to gain the closeness he ratherly enjoys from reading the Dilbert comic strip. Especially if those gloves went out as far to be mittens. It would be very difficult to change the papers.

How would Bubba, he thought, for he thought in third person, be able to read the Dilbert comic strip. He thought and thought and thought. And then one day it came to him. At night he wears a Breathe Right strip. It opens his nose up so he can breathe. Maybe there would be a way for him to read the newspaper and not get a paper clip.

But he knew putting Breathe Right strips on his finger wouldn't be able to open up his newspaper like it would be able to open his nose at night. He knew he was on the right path but also knew placing even a band-aid on his fingers wouldn't help either. So he took it to deep thought once again.

This time it actually came to him. What if he took the combined qualities of a Breathe Right and a Band-Aid and added them together. All in order to protect his thumb. Hours, days, weeks and centuries would pass as Bubba spent attempting to recreate and combine the two. Then finally success!

It was created and he needed a name for it. He needed to come up with catchy name at that. What to call it!? Then he thought once again. It was always his right thumb that hurt and became cut. Thus he called it Thumb Right.

The creation was created! The problem was solved and just in time for the new Dilbert comic strip. Life was at ease. Everyone lived happily ever after.

But things suddenly changed as Bubba went to the mailbox and pick up the days edition of the newspaper. He saw that his mailbox was filled. Filled to the brim and falling out with letters. Letters that were from credit card companies, banks and other forms of financial insitutes. They were filled with amounts of money that Bubba had spent on his creation. He was bankrupt.

He soon realized his thumb problems were just the tip of the iceberg. Or rather the beginning of a new problem. He thought maybe he could create a Money Right. But he soon understood that was a myth. He went to his good friend Eric and brought up the problems he now suffered.

After the conversation Bubba knew what was to be done. He must sell his Thumb Right so he could pay off his bills. But who would want his new creation? Was there other people in the world who hated getting paper cuts while reading Dilbert?

There was only one way to find out. Bubba set out on an adventure to pay the bills and sell the product. He would walk up to random people and ask them if they suffered the same pains as him. He talked to numerous people and found a few and suddenly he was selling his product.

People started agreeing with the use of Thumb Right. They started giving him ringing endorsements and telling their friends of the greatness that is and was Thumb Right.

As time eventually went on Bubba not only payed back his bills. But started gaining more and more money. He suddenly became rich and famous. Well, more or less rich. Not much famous.

Well, until now!

So can you become rich and famous just like Bubba?
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