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8:16 PM
LeBron James' The 26 Second Man
State Farm for some reason is attempting to change the world.

State Farm one of the Worlds largest Insurance companies which specializes in auto, home and even renters insurance has started a campaign. A campaign in which the companies helps to change the world. A world that has begun to suffer from dumbness. So why not make it a campaign to end High School drop outs.

Great idea! BRILLIANT!

State Farm has started a campaign in order to stop and make awareness that every 26 seconds a High School student drops out and becomes a idiot. Okay, maybe not an idiot. But that would make more sense, calling them idiots that is.

Now the entire idea of State Farm starting this campaign is beyond me. I understand the niceness factor in it. The politically correct idea is there. The only question I have is why State Farm? Why this campaign? Was the campaign for ending excessive blinking already taken by nobody?

To promote their 26 Second Campaign, State Farm needed a spokesperson so who would symbolize very closely with High School students who drop out of High School? Let's see choose someone who he or she themselves had dropped out of High School? Someone that is still in High School? Or maybe even someone who ... ehh.... screw the thinking just get LeBron James!

Why NBA star LeBron James? Maybe because Kevin James, the fat guy who was in King Of Queens, was already taken and they really wanted someone from the James Family? Or maybe they are very smart in their thinking?

How so? You might ask if you were actually wondering. Well, maybe if I thought too. But then again, LeBron James is one of the worlds most famous High School students ever. You see after High School he started his career, a career in which he has gained millions and millions of dollars. So why wouldn't you choose someone who is famous and rich and had never even went to College.

The idea originally was beside me it confused me incredibly. What was the big idea to save the world? Or that most of the 26 second(ers) are fans of LeBron James. Meaning that the 26 second(ers) are from the inner-city?

I'm not sure. Who would be? I just found out about this 26 second campaign. That for some reason there is so many drop outs that every 26 seconds someone drops out of High School. It's like maybe I could just come up with some crazy stat that everyone would become interested in. Like every 26 seconds someone visits this website. Or every 26 seconds someone cuts their thumbs while reading Dilbert comic strips.... Who knows?

One thing I know is that this campaign isn't a good idea for LeBron James. Yes, money is good. Yes, the fact that he was a very succesfull High School student is also good. Yet, there is a lot of negative factors with joining this campaign.

1. Did he actually graduate school?

Maybe. Maybe not. I think it's easy enough to say LeBron James failed High School. We don't know if he passed or failed. So instead of assuming that he passed we should say he failed. Why? Because well, he never made it any farther with his schooling. So we shouldn't really assume it. We should preach it!

2. Does he need 2 extra seconds?

The NBA shot clock is 24 seconds. LeBron James is in the commercials for State Farm's 26 second campaign. The NBA Title is something LeBron James has yet to win. Thus with some major scientist theory LeBron James is preaching and/or begging for 2 more seconds so he can obtain more time to win a title. It's the biggest stretch yet, but maybe this isn't odd.

3. He only lasts 26 seconds.

Well, not to bring this down to his manhood, but it always makes for a cheap comedy factor when you insult someones sex life. So why not? Because I heard on a website that LeBron James only lasts 26 seconds. Don't believe me? Then please start reading this article over again. If you do believe me then good. Either way is LeBron James dating? Does he have a girlfriend? I don't know. Who would? Thus the understanding that LeBron James only lasts 26 seconds in bed and can not satisfy women.

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